Megan Fox Trending With Her Cool Looks !! {2022}

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Megan Fox rocked a bare get dressed on the VMAS. In the time on account that, Florence Pugh, Bella Thorne, Kylie Jenner and greater have accompanied suit.

At the 2021 VMAs, Megan Fox proved she become in advance of the curve, rocking the purple carpet with Machine Gun Kelly in a bare get dressed. The famous appearance exploded in 2022, as celebrities from Florence Pugh to Kylie Jenner or even these days Nicole Kidman rocked the bare get dressed appearance. A year has surpassed and the 2022 VMAs are at the manner tonight, which leads me to wonder: Will there be greater sheer seems on the VMAs this yr?

We ought to kick off with the lovely sheer appearance Megan Fox wore at the purple carpet ultimate yr. It surely spawned a fashion that’s been walking robust for a whole yr, and one which even Zoë Kravitz and Bella Thorne greater these days embraced with their personal bare seems, however it’s simply now no longer the primary time style become edgy on an MTV Video Music Awards purple carpet.

In fact, Rose McGowan rocked a bare get dressed at the purple carpet greater than twenty years earlier than Megan Fox proved that traits can come round again. The Charmed actress become courting Marilyn Manson while she added the appearance to the Video Music Awards’ purple carpet returned in 1998. Unlike Fox’s her appearance become sheer and black and absolutely “free[d] the fucking nipple,” as Florence Pugh these days placed it.

Megan Fox’s that appearance has stood out as one of the maximum fantastic on the awards display over the years.

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In 2018, Rita Ora were given near sheer with a lovely black get dressed from Jean Paul Gaultier she paired with what I can most effective anticipate have been a few fancy undergarments. (This got here after she’d skipped underclothes absolutely for a preceding VMAs ceremony, actually.)
The MTV Video Music Awards were synonymous with edgy style on account that their inception; regardless, 12 months after Fox rocked the fashion, my query is: Is the bare get dressed right here to stay?

Or will it fall via way of means of the wayside like Miley Cyrus’ notorious foam finger? Will tonight’s style spotlight a brand new fashion coming our manner withinside the subsequent yr? Will a person outdo what Megan Fox performed withinside the beyond yr? Will Fox herself outdo what she performed ultimate yr? Only time will tell.

However, I am fascinated to discover out. This does appear to be a fashion that has sticking power, in particular after Nicole Kidman rocked a bare get dressed for a current photoshoot in The Perfect Magazine. But given the VMAs have constantly prided themselves on being at the slicing fringe of cool on the subject of style, I’m fascinated to look if the is a fashion celebs experience continues to be has an extended shelf life, or if a few different thrilling appearance can be the speak of the city tonight.

Luckily, we don’t have an excessive amount of longer to wait. The 2022 MTV VMAs air on Sunday, August twenty eighth at eight p.m. ET; the purple carpet kick off begins offevolved in advance at 6:15 ET. Or seize what else is heading to TV quickly with our complete fall top of the line schedule.

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