Overnight Desert Safari -A Heaven For Campers

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Are you an adventure lover? If yes, you might have dreamed of spending a sleepless night in a little camp where there is no hustle-bustle of exhausting city life. The good news is you can live your fantasies now in the most precious land of Dubai. 

Dubai is not only an Emirati wonder which astonishingly emerged on the globe. It’s also an exquisite natural sightseeing destination that bends the steps of every travel enthusiast towards it. One such amazing reservation of Dubai city is the UAE’s first national park. Where the Desert safari Dubai is all in all a heaven for adventure freaks who love to escape and live an unusual life. Eager to know what sort of adventures and camping experience an overnight desert safari offers? Then give the following text a thorough read.

How Does a Night Camping at Desert Safari Looks Like

  1. A Magical Night in Bedouin Camps

The charms of spending a night in a camp of desert safari are paramount. Whether you choose a luxury tour in private Bedouin-style camps or pitch a camp of your own, both experiences keep their own delights. A typical Bedouin camp at desert safari is the epitome of the amazing culture of Arabs.

These campsites have separate toilet facilities, and the vendors will provide you with sleeping bags and rags in which you can enjoy your dreamy night stay at a desert safari. Camping at the Arabian dunes is great for families and groups of friends who want to spend a countable time here in the midst of the sand sea.

  1. Amazing Landscape and Stargazing

Stare at the shimmering sky full of infinite galaxies lying in your sleeping bag on a sand bed! It’s so ethereal to talk to the stars with a silent gaze thereby inhaling the serenity of the calm arid air of the barren. When the dusk strikes the darkest of its shades, the milky ways stun you with their dazzling half-past night show. 

Witnessing this amazing landscape in the cold breeze of the night is the ultimate pleasure that the campers long for. Stargazing at night outside the camp along with their people is wholly a goal for adventure-freaks who opt for an overnight desert safari tour in Dubai.

  1. Hitting the High Dunes at Night

Rolling over the sand dunes in a dark landscape under the moonlight is a truly enthralling experience. Dune bashing in the middle of a barren with a pounding heart is hell exciting for adrenaline junkies. A dune buggy, landrover, hummer, or Landcruiser are a means of insane dune drives rolling over the majestic dunes of Dubai.

Another SUV is a quad bike which is a ride for two and totally spine-tingling. Sandboarding is another fun part to encounter at a desert safari. Surfing the velvety soft sand bumps on a sandboard under the moonlight is just euphoric. These sand activities make this terrain a perfect paradise for thrill-seekers.

  1. A Ride on the Ship of Desert

Enjoy riding the ship of the desert with the highest glee. Camels are the modes of transport for ancient times when the Aras used to live as nomads and use them for migration purposes A camel safari is a legit royal ride if you give it a nomad’s perspective. Spot the hopping gazelle and sand cats from miles away from a certain height from the terrain. Sitting on a camel’s hump and discovering the wonderful terrain makes you astonished over the mind-blowing evolution of Dubai as a manmade Emirati wonder. 

  1. Mouth-Watering Cuisines

Overnight camping at desert safari comes with the tempting delight to try out delicious Arabian eatery. Many local and international cuisines, mouth-watering desserts, and refreshing beverages await the foodies on the beautifully set buffet of desert safari. Enjoy a lively bonfire at the campsite when having some light drinks including Arabian coffee with dates, tea, as well as flavored soft drinks which lighten up your mood. Staying like a nomad and dining in urbanity, it’s a perfect mix of relishing the desert and city glitz together.

  1. Live Performances  

You won’t miss the nightlife of the cityside once you encounter the colorful display of incredible art in the middle of a nomad’s home. The stage of live shows and entertainment lightens up the darkening dusky ambiance of the sand dunes when the real revelry begins. The spiritual Tanura dance of the Sufi mystics spreads peace when they spin in colorful dresses. 

The breath-taking juggles of the stuntmen when they present the fire show is mind-blowing. The captivating belly dance performed by the belly dancer takes you on a surreal flight of euphoria. Live entertainment begins right after the sunset when the charms of night start spreading on the dunes.

  1. The Awakening Dawn

After spending a euphoric night in the midst of the dunes, wake up to the mesmerizing sunrise. The serene views of the awakening dunes along with the wandering sand cats blesses tranquility to the soul of a beholder. The compelling landscape of golden dunes of Arabia at dawn will leave you in hypnosis by the fluorescent colors of the sunrise. Shoot a hyper-lapse or take some morning silhouettes, the majestic views of the dawn of the sand dunes of Dubai are just picturesque!

  1. Delicious Breakfast

Your amazing overnight expedition at desert safari ends with a tempting breakfast which is served after you absorb the scenic moments of this mighty terrain. A sip of strong latte with tasty pancakes is heavenly to take. A night adventure with tempting delights of morning breakfast and sunrise are additional perks of an overnight expenditure at the dunes of Dubai. 


From having delicious bites of BBQ at the campsite to pouring the refreshing sips of Arabian coffee with the morning delight, an overnight venture at this nomadic place is just soul-refreshing. Desert safari Dubai is a camper’s heaven because it can upgrade his idea of camping to a whole new level which is exceptionally serene and can be experienced nowhere else but in Dubai.

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