Simple ways to carry Kashmiri stoles over Banarasi sarees

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An embroidered kashmiri stole is a perfect thing for winters. It is not just an excellent winter garment that  keeps you warm but it is also our country’s pride. It  adds style to a outfit when worn properly. Wearing a stole with ethnic wears is common. But do you know how to wear your kashmiri stole with a saree so that it may keep you warm plus do not take away the charm of your saree? Read this article not only a single way we will tell you a variety of ways to carry your Kashmiri stole with a saree.

You can match up your favourite kashmiri stole with your favourite banarasi saree this wedding season and it will look just fabulous. 

So just follow a few styling guidelines, you may get a dazzling look simply. Today, we’ll show you a variety of  simple yet elegant ways to pair your Kashmiri stole with a  Banarasi saree.

Designer kashmiri stole over a designer Banarasi silk

If you are planning to  wear your designer banarasi saree with plates on shoulder, you can drape your kashmiri stole over the other shoulder . Make the stole’s plates as thin as possible.This will show off the design of both your shawl and saree.

Bright Kashmiri stole with Banarasi saree

If your banarasi sari is light in weight,  you can simply pair it with a brightly coloured kashmiri stole. 

If the stole has embroidery, you can also open it and wear it over your shoulder .

If your  banarasi saree is heavily embroidered and you can wear your stole on the opposite side of the shoulder plates .

Kashmiri stole on seedha pallu Banarasi saree

This style of wearing a Kashmiri stole can look good if you are wear your banarasi saree in a seedha pallu style saree drape.Tuck your stole on the left side of your waist. Take it from under your pallu in the rear and bring it to the right side. Place it on your left shoulder like  traditional saree plates. Put your saree pallu in your right hand and drop it. It appears to give a proper royal look

Kashmiri stole in muffler-style on a Banarasi saree  

If you are planning not to wear a necklace around your neck then you can wrap your kashmiri stole in a muffler-style.

A lightweight kashmiri stole would be a best option for this kind of stylings. If your Kashmiri stole has heavy embroidery, using it in a muffler style  will make it look odd and difficult to carry around your neck. On a heavy Banarasi silk, carrying a stole in this manner is ideal.

 Just remember, you can  style our winter wear anyway you like. We have shared some ways to wear kashmiri stoles with  banarasi saree for winter weddings but you can try out your own style too. For purchasing ethnic wear such as banarasi saree online, you can go to  Quresia. It is the best online store to find handloom ethnic wear for women .

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