Ways to Drink Water Mindfully

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Ways to Drink Water Mindfully

Aiming to stay hydrated all day can be tedious and monotonous at best, and downright agonizing at worst. It doesn’t have to be so complicated if you use some easy tactics, make some interesting rules for yourself, and maybe buy a product or two. Here are some of our favorite ways to drink more water daily.

Fill Your Pitcher with Flavored Water

In your pitcher, infuse fresh fruit in your drinks. Consider using herbs, fruits and veggies like grapefruit, lemon, strawberries, cucumber, ginger, celery, basil, lavender and others. This can provide a little excitement and flavor to your drink which will motivate you to drink more water and get this into your routine. 

Before Each Meal, Take a Sip

If you’re making dinner at home, take a sip while you’re preparing it. When the waitress comes around to take drink orders at a restaurant, ask for water. While you’re waiting for your meal to heat up or your toast to toast, sip some water. Consume your water even if you’re having a snack. It’s just a straightforward rule that will encourage you to drink more water. Once you’ve established these “rules,” you’ll discover that you’re doing it almost instinctively, without pausing to worry about it or use much energy.

Download an App to Keep Track 

It’s a lot simpler to indulge in an activity that requires utilizing an app and maybe even feel a bit thrilled about it. With the use of a free app like Daily Water Free or Daily Water, Hydro Coach, WaterMinder, Daily Water Tracker Reminder, Aqualert: Water Tracker Daily, Drink Water Reminder and many others as per your convenience. These apps are very convenient for use and always keep a track of how many glasses you’ve had and makes water consumption simple and amusing. Set specific reminders and alarms by downloading them to your phone. Look at many other apps on Apple Store and Google Play very easily. Many of these apps are free to use while others are paid. 

Go the Extra Mile and Invest In a High-Tech Water Bottle

Aside from well-designed software, another thing is a cool device and an opportunity to acquire one. What perfect way to upgrade your tracking other than with the high-tech water bottle and its associated app? This clever bottle calculates your daily water consumption, notifies you when it’s time to drink, and keeps track of your intake. It preserves drinks frozen for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Plus, it’s as stylish on the outside as it is on the inside. It is available in four different hues on the internet and is stylish. There are so many water bottle options available online. You can have a look at them using internet services by Spectrum, CenturyLink and other internet service providers in America. You can have a look at the different TV and Internet Services in your area using different portals that make finding a suitable service for your home easy.   

Replace Sugary Drinks with Water & Ice

If you’re consuming something extremely sweet, such as juice, lemonade, or iced tea, dilute it with water or ice. You’ll still receive the sweetness you want while also getting some excess water. If you don’t want a slightly sweet version of whatever you’re drinking, that’s understandable, and this tip may not be for you. But now and then, order a drink that anticipates being a bit sweet and is pleasantly surprised when it is mouth-wateringly sweet. In certain circumstances, adding some extra ice or water is bearable. 

Use a Properly Marked Water Bottle

There’s something about watching your achievements as you put effort. It motivates you to continue pushing, no matter what you’re focused on. Getting an entertaining, visual way to see how much effort you’re putting in is the best way to keep you motivated. Plus, if the tool you’re using to track performance is as entertaining to look at as the performance itself, it is a bonus point. That’s why a bottle labeled with ounces or even hours could help you meet your daily water target.

In the end, one can say that these are some ways to make sure that you are following your water consumption mindfully and add more to your healthy lifestyle. You can even think about using different applications that provide you with notifications and alerts so that you can have water more mindfully. Drink water mindfully has a lot of benefits. If you drink a sip of water during your workout breaks, it will keep your body from overheating and if you have a glass full of water in the morning it will keep you energized and fresh throughout the day. There are different apps that tailor your water consumption updates according to your needs to keep you going throughout the day. 

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