Amazing Cell phone Spy App For Employers

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Amazing Cell phone Spy App For Employers

Man is decisive. The aim for the stars in the shortest period sometimes makes us forget about right or wrong. But this foolish aim can affect not only ourselves but loved ones and our social circle as well. As they say, the bad name is worst than a bad deed once you are stuck with a bad reputation you are gone for good in that field and if that is an organization or workplace then it will be way difficult than you imagine to bounce back. Almost 80 % of the offense indifferent Organizations has been committed by the employees that can trouble a company. According to ERC (Ethics Resource Center) half of the 120 million workers in the US have witnessed harassment, unacceptable behavior, and fraud. The Consequences of these destroy a company’s reputation in terms of integrity, reliability, and trustworthiness. 

What is the possible solution? Well, it’s simple and easy. Make the use of employee monitoring software common among all sorts of business and corporate sectors. Monitoring of employees through the company-owned devices is well justified and legal. They are beneficial for both parties i.e employers and employees and a win-win situation for these parties mean satisfactory results for the organization.

Among many employee monitoring apps, we have selected TheOneSpy cell phone Spy app to talk about

Cell Phone Spy Features For Efficient Employee:

  • Website reports

If some of the employees are not working properly. They are misusing their devices provided by the office and wasting their time on the internet with no productive means than through this amazing feature their complete visited website report can be obtained and action can be taken accordingly. Track the internet browsing history feature assures that the employee solely focuses on work-related content. Positive use of internet facility in the working hours is promoted with a little help from the TheOneSpy.

  • Sound Recorder And Camera Bug

This feature works in terms of voice and videos and any malicious act can be prohibited by using the mic bug feature. If an employee is trying to harass someone by sending them embarrassing voice notes and inappropriate visual content, they can be caught red-handed with proof. The mic bug and camera bug features are very useful to track all the bad apples of the workplace. Mic bugs control the mic of the target device while the user can remotely control the front and rear camera of the target device to capture the target employee and the surroundings. 

  • Capturing Screenshots

This superb feature enables the employer to take screenshots of their employee’s daily screen activities. It is also useful to get information if they are stealing another employee’s data for illegal purposes. The live screen monitoring app feature can be used to track the daily productivity report or contributions to the teamwork as well. Users can check the screen activity report by visiting the web portal where the reports are saved in the form of short recordings or screenshots. Live screen recordings can be taken to see the online and offline activities of employees. It ensures their performance of their whole working day.

  • Access To Bookmark Folder:

‘Are they working properly or wasting their time watching dog videos? now you as an employer can check the history of internet surfing of your working staff. Your company will remain safe from security risks as you are seeing them 9 to 5 and catch any sign of even small adultery easily. The access to the bookmark folder tells a lot about the frequently visited sites. Make sure there is only work-related content present on the employee’s devices.

  • Email Monitoring

Email marketing has been seeing commonly among different business corporations. Besides its benefits, your data can also be leaked and hacked by your opponent organizations. Through TheOneSpy, you can see and analyze all the incoming and outgoing mails. The email monitoring feature lets the user have access to all the sent and received email content along with draft and other email folders. You can have eyes on the attachment detail as well. Use this feature and assure the safety of confidential information, ideas, and the overall system.

.  The app offers different versions in the form of cell phone Spy, android and iPhone monitoring, Mac and Windows spy app versions. 

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