No More Mistakes in Business With Mobile Tracker App

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No More Mistakes in Business With Mobile Tracker App

Dishonesty knows no boundaries. In a workplace, it includes lying, unethical behavior, misconduct with coworkers, submission of incomplete and incorrect worksheets, time abuse, wrong expense reports, and cheating. 95 % of all the large and small businesses have experienced employee theft that includes 52% of office supplies stealing and 30 % of the time theft. Inventory loss rates in the US are approximately 43% annually. More or less, 40 % of the employees have done the same. It’s not about the boss or manager or a single employee only but it affects the overall prestige of an organization.

With modern times and age, the way of stealing has also improved. The rate of cybercrimes is up to sky-high. So to keep things under control help from the same technology is necessary. Who will deny the help if it can solve most of the problems and even assist in routine work?  Am talking about incorporation of app, mobile tracker or the software in the form of employee monitoring apps in the life. 

Why Use OgyMogy To Monitor employees?

Although, five fingers are not equal and some employees work to the best of their levels with extreme honesty and dedication. But to save a corporation from few slackers, some measures are to be done to prevent a big loss. OgyMogy mobile tracker has proven to be handy to keep a check on every employee during working hours. This app ensures the efficiency of employees on the office-owned devices, hence prevents any threat within and outside the workplace. Especially with the onset of the remote working trend the demand of employee monitoring software has been increased up to manifolds.

OgyMogy Mobile Tracker App features:

  • Phone Contacts Monitoring

Monitor your unfaithful employee’s phone contacts on the office’s android device whether mobile or a tablet and get to know about or business enemies and take safety measures immediately. The call log feature lets the user have complete information about all the dialed and received calls from the target device. Timestamp information is a bonus so know about every call log activity on time with the app.

  • GPS Location Tracker:

Know about the whereabouts and movements of the employees at any given time and mark their location with the GPS tracking feature of the OgyMogy. You can even mark safe and restricted zone on Google Maps as well. It can help employers to keep a check on any suspicious employees and their weird activities.

  • Keylogger

Superbly with this feature, you can have information about the number of characters an employee is typing in an email or on the keypad of the device. By doing this you can detect any smallest sign of a deceitful person who may be working as an agent of some other corporate and can be the cause of financial and reputational losses to your firm. Monitor the email correspondence along with attachment history details and make sure no employee dares to shares any confidential information with outsiders.

  • MMS Spy

This feature helps you to know if your employee is handling your company’s privacy properly or misdealing with some things. Maybe he is leaking the company’s personal information in the form of multimedia. With mobile tracker app keep a check on the text message and MMS conversation and media shared through the target device.

  • Access To The Installed Apps:

Official gadgets are allotted to provide facility to employees in terms of official workload. But what if the employee took this for granted and start using the gadget for illegal or personal use. Keep an eye on the target employee gadget activities and makes sure they are not used for any illegal work.OgyMogy mobile tracker lets the user have access to the installed apps as well. Make sure all the apps are work-related and there is no suspicious or useless app present in the company-owned device.  

  • Be Informed About Work Schedule:

With OgyMogy mobile tracker users can have complete access to the work schedule of every employee. The spy app gives remote access to the built-in calendar activities of the employees.

Now complete surveillance can be done by keeping an eye on their gadgets including android cellphones, tablets, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

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